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"restore your healthy hair harmony"

start rebuilding a healthy hair follicle

As a certified hair loss practitioner, I have been trained in providing treatment and customized programs to help stop hair loss and restore healthy hair growth. With the use of high quality products and laser light therapy you will begin to restore health back into your hair and scalp. Dietary guidance and self care services are provided to support healthy hair follicle and hair growth. Together we will work to create a realistic plan of success to deliver your optimum results! 

Reasons Hair Loss May occur


  • anemia (iron deficiency)

  • Thyroid conditions (hypo and Hyper)

  • diabetes (poor circulation)

  • Digestive disorders, poor nutrition, vegetarian diets

  • vitamin deficiency

  • allergies

  • certain medications may effect hair loss even if not listed

  • autoimmune conditions 

  • pcos and hormonal imbalance


  • toxicity and heavy metal buildup

  • smoking

  • exposure to radiation and chemotherapy

  • consistent rubbing (glasses) and pulling/traction (ponytails)

Scalp Disorders-

  • psoriasis and dandruff

  • eczema

  • fungal and bacterial infections 

  • seborrhea dermatitis and sebum buildup

Stress and Anxiety


  • Puberty

  • Pregnancy

  • Postpartum

  • Menopause

Genetics, family history, Aging, DHT buildup

dht and effects of hair loss

dht, dihydrotestosterone, is the number 1 cause of genetic hair loss as we age.  The testosterone hormone is broken down into dht that flows through the bloodstream. dht binds to the androgen receptors located at the bottom of the hair follicle restricting the proper nourishment and oxygen it needs to survive. Over time the follicle dies from malnutrition.

11 dht blockers found in our system products are

  • saw palmetto

  • beta sitosterol

  • pygeum bark extract

  • stinging nettles extract

  • alpha linolenic acids

  • gamma linolenic acids

  • linseed extract

  • borage oil

  • green tea extract

  • pumpkin see extract 

  • evening primrose extract

Low Level Light Therapy and it's proven results

low level light therapy is 100% effective in hair regrowth. lllt stimulates the scalp area and increases the bloodflow called photo-bio stimulation.  It has been cleared safe with no side effects by the fda, is painless and non-toxic. lllt has been used for over 30 years and proven 93% increase in hair growth among respondents using laser in their program.

5 distinct effects from lllt:

  • an increase in adenosine triphosphate and protein synthesis, causing an increase in cellular function

  • cellular growth

  • protein growth

  • circulation- increase blood circulation by 54% after only one treatment, providing a supply of nutrients to the hair follicle

  • increased capillaries size allowing more nutrition to the hair bulb

* multi-session packages available. results vary individually. 

ScalpScrub back in stock_edited.jpg

Scalp Detox experience

Scalp conditions can lead to hair loss. When buildup occurs on the scalp the strand is restricted from growth leading to hair thinning. Scalp Repair Treatment cleanses and exfoliates while restoring balance, elasticity and hydration. provides antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties to reduce itch and irritation.  A hair mask is processed under a hair steamer to open the pores, eliminate scalp bacteria and provide the deep hydration to the follicle and scalp.

Great for

  • Dry, flaking scalp

  • psoriasis

  • eczema

  • Medication and product buildup

  • seasonal scalp conditions

  • oily scalp

  • itchy, inflamed scalp



Scalp Repair Treatment


*additional $35 with blow-dry service

*Routine treatments may be necessary depending on the scalp condition for healing effects.

Schedule A Consultation

Step 1- 

First step begins with filling out the prerequisite consultation questionnaire.

Step 2-

Once the form is submitted you will be contacted via email to schedule a sit down or virtual consultation. We discuss the factors that may be contributing to hair loss, changes that can be made and a product system that will support hair regrowth, and create a laser therapy plan that will deliver your results. 

Step 3-

  If you decide to continue with a program a thorough scope analysis will be provided to have a closer look at the condition of the scalp and hair follicle. We will finish with a scalp detox treatment to jumpstart a healthy clean scalp ready to absorb the products. You will be on your way to better, more confident hair days!

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