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Welcome Gorgeous!

Let's get to know each other! 

It's important to me that you love your hair. I am devoted to providing you with the ultimate hair and pampering experience. Good hair days don't just happen! Take a look at what I have to offer and when ready to schedule fill out the form below so I know exactly what services you are looking to come in for and more about your hair in order to schedule the appropriate amount of time we will need together. I will be contact with you via email within 24 hours and get our date set!

What to expect on your first visit...

Your first visit will start with a thorough complimentary consultation where we can together create your hair design. We will discuss your challenges, inspirational looks, and past experiences in order to create a design that will work the best for you and meet all of your expectations and goals. Every visit that follows will always start with a consultation to ensure you continue to be happy with your style. I can't wait to start building our hair relationship!

It's All About The Experience...

I like to do things right in self care! During your appointments you can customize your experience before you come in to include all the spa style treats you would like. Here are some things to look forward to.

  •  24/7 online scheduling with appointment reminders

  • Pre-appointment reminders with a customized pampering questionnaire

  •  signature cocktails of the month to enjoy during your appointment

  • high quality, organic, all-natural haircare products

  • private, holistic suite to relax in with one on one attention

  • foot massages  during processing time

  • intensive hair steaming conditioning treatments

  • face masks, cucumber eye pads and hand treatments during your hair bath

  • loyalty and referral rewards program

  • monthly newsletters 

  • hair-care education in and out of the suite 

Click the link below to begin filling out the new guest form

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