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Services that deliver Success!

Re-establish healthy back into your hair crown


Reparative hair & scalp treatments

Exfoliating Salt Scalp Scrub ~ $45

An exfoliating scalp scrub is massaged in gently to remove impurities and restores balance to the scalp. It exfoliates with Hawaiian Red Sea Salt, rich in volcanic clay and 80 minerals to cleanse and purify. Apple fruit extract restores hydration and elasticity to the scalp. Peppermint oil and tea tree stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation and provides antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Celery seed extract soothes irritated itchy scalp and decreases sebum production. The treatment is finished with a harmonic healing oil to eliminate scalp bacteria and provide the deep hydration to the follicle and scalp. This treatment is great for anyone suffering from itchy, flaky, dry or oily scalp conditions.

Toxin Build-up Detox Mask ~ $30

Removes hard water minerals, product buildup and environmental impurities that eat away at the hair strand and cause dry brittle hair leading to hair breakage. Activated charcoal, Kaolin clay and certified organic white vinegar draw microparticles to the surface without stripping the hair of it's natural oils.

Restorative Hydrating Hair Mask ~ $30

This ultimate moisturizing hair mask delivers the maximum hydration back into the hair strands. This mask is made to repair and revitalize dry, damaged hair and deliver strength back into the hair using shea butter, tamanu and coconut oil, flaxseed and quinoa for restorative hydration.

Healthy Hair Growth Services

Low Level Laser Light Therapy ~$30 (20 min session)/$40 (30 minute session)

low level light therapy is 100% effective in hair regrowth and has been clinically proven successful. 100% of patients saw hair regrowth after using low level light therapy! It acts in the same way as the body converts sunlight into vitamin d. The body converts red diode lighting to stimulate blood circulation and increase capillaries by 54%, increase protein synthesis and cellular production and stimulate the scalp derma.

Anti-Bacterial Hair Steaming Treatment ~ $40

The process of steaming the scalp and hair is the ultimate in hydration. Steaming will open and unclog scalp's pores, provide anti bacterial functions through blue lighting, increase blood circulation, add moisture deep into the hair strand, increase collagen production, removes product buildup, opens the cuticle so that the hydrating mask can reach deeper into the cortex to provide healthier, shiner, stronger hair.

Scalp Massage paired with Harmonic Healing Oil ~ $35

Scalp massaging will stimulate blood circulation allowing more nutrition and oxygen to flow to the follicle. When paired with healing oil to hydrate and heal dry scalp issues and rebalance the microbiome and ph of the scalp.

Hair Analysis and Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Test ~ $80

Nutritional imbalance test that checks 80 key vitamins and minerals that can lead to undernourished hair follicle and hair shedding. Analysis through your hair strands to discover your deficiencies. 

Hair coloring services

Color Root Retouch ~ $131

This service is to refresh your established color and retouch grey new growth to deliver a beautiful finish roots to ends. All colors are processed with a hair steamer to deliver the ultimate grey coverage through deep penetration and intense hydration into the hair strand.  Color that does not comprise our health using clean ingredients that are ammonia, pdd and resorcinol fee and are packed with organic oils, plant derived glycerin and allergen-free fragrance.

Highlighting/Dimensional Coloring ~ $90/hour

Highlighting and lowlighting is customized to your needs. Whether you are looking for just a little bit or want a dramatic statement to your color I'll be sure to deliver your perfect fit. All lightening services are reinforced with amaranth protein to ensure your hair is healthy and strong after all highlighting services.

Haircuts ~ $75

Find your perfect style and finish off any coloring service with a haircut. All haircuts must be paired with another service. Specializing in thin, fine hair styles.

Hair restoration Products

Through United States Trichology Institute hair care products have been created to nutritional support the hair follicle and body and fight against dht buildup, #1 cause of aging hair loss. With proven success from ingredients such as minoxidil and saw palmetto XTC will work to stimulate blood flow, cleanse and open scalp pores and deliver the nourishment the follicles need for healthy hair growth.

XTC Products white.png

Additional Hair Care Products

All products used are with clean organic ingredients held with the highest quality to be sure your health is not at risk. All styling products and other hair care products are with Innersense Beauty.

Ready to start your hair restoration journey?

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