What's a hair spa experience look like...

At DeLuco's Hair Spa I want you to leave feeling refreshed and pampered, like you just left the spa!

All coloring and blonding services include

  • a thorough design consultation

  • a relaxing private color processing oasis enjoyed with a foot massager and your favorite beverage and snack

  • a serenity spa hair bath with a botanical hydrating face mask, aloe and cucumber infused eye pads, an exfoliating scalp massage and shea butter softening hand treatment finished with an aromatherapy microfiber hair wrap


All hair is not created equal. We all have different amounts of hair and customized designs. Your service and pricing is customized just for you! Pricing is determined by the amount of product and supplies used as well as your thickness and length of hair and is charged hourly. You will always only pay for the service you receive. 

Coloring Services

Root Color Retouch-  $123 (standard 2 hour timing)

This service is for grey coverage or color touchup to match up roots to existing color and finished with a blowdry. To maintain this look it should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks.

Fullhead  Color- $157 (standard 2.5 hour timing)

This service is for a complete color application roots to ends that is for anyone looking for a complete color change. 

Shine Glaze/Toner/Ends Refresher- $45 (timing varies on desired look)

This service is great for anyone looking to tone brass, refresh ends for a balanced look, add health and shine back into the hair, or add uv protection against sun damage and color fading.


Blonding and highlighting services

Part or Face Framing Blonde- $135 (standard 1.5 hour timing)

This service is for anyone looking to subtly lighten around the face or lightly cascade over the top through the parting area.  This service can be retouched every 6-8 weeks

Partial Highlight- $180 (standard 2 hour timing)

This service is for anyone looking to add lightened pieces to the top crown area and throughout the sides leaving some of the base coloring in between. This service can be retouched every 8-12 weeks.

Fullhead Highlight- $270 (standard 3 hour timing)

This service is for anyone looking for big pops of lightened pieces throughout the entire style. Lightened pieces will ribbon through the top, sides and back and typically gets retouched every 12-16 weeks.

*additional timing due to customized design, length or thickness of hair will incur an additional $90/hour charge

Enhance Your Experience

Haircut -$70 (standard 1 hour timing)

Eyebrow Shaping or Lip Wax -$17

Intensive Conditioning Treatments-

DeFrizz- $15

This treatment is great for anyone looking to rehydrate, add shine and softness back into their style.


Max Repair -$20

This treatment is great for hair that is breaking or damaged due to thermal styling or over-processing. 


Detoxify -$25

This treatment will cleanse the scalp and hair of impurities from hard water minerals, product buildup, medications or environmental toxins and refresh with a moisture mask.

* These services are add-on services that must be scheduled with a coloring or highlighting service.