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Hi Love!
I'm Michelle

  "One of my favorite things about being a hairstylist is transforming the way someone feels about themselves, creating a bond that goes so much deeper than men can understand! 

I'm the stylist and suite owner of DeLuco's Hair Spa.
I have been a hair fanatic for over 25 years and I specialize as a hair loss practitioner.  As a mama of two teenage boys, I know exactly how important it is to feel pampered and relaxed (and how little time we get!). I've designed my salon suite experience to leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed and completely well taken care of. 
As I became a hairstylist 25 years ago I knew I loved the artistic side but I completely fell in love with making someone feel special and pampered. As a color and blonding specialist, my happy days are filled with making greys disappear and dimensional pops of color ribboning through hair. And while those are great accents to any style, my sweet spot is in my successful hair-loss services. It's the true transformation that delivers the biggest smiles!  

​When I'm not at the suite you can find me getting lost in the woods with my hubby (okay maybe not lost!), snuggling with my pup, or begging my kids to hang out with me! I love when I can get some time to sink my toes in the sand, soak in some sunshine, sip on an espresso martini or try out a new recipe!  I love to cook but can't bake a thing! You would think I could with how much I love chocolate! Over the years I've learned that it's the little things in life to enjoy and to surround myself around some good energy!

Click below to learn more about my new guest experience and how some hair pampering is exactly what you've been missing!
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