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what success looks like...

Finding DeLuco's Hair Spa has been the best thing ever. Michelle goes above and beyond every time you visit. The pampering, the communication and the atmosphere are pure perfection. I look forward to my visits! Thank you Michelle for being such a good human and doing wonders to my hair each and every time.

Brittany C.

" I love my hair and I have you to thank completely! It feels so healthy! I'm so lucky I found you!"

Liz H.


Michelle has literally given me back my hair! I struggled for years trying to grow my hair even past my chin with no luck. After working with Michelle these last few years I finally have my hair past my shoulders and it's still growing!

Veronica C.

I had a scalp scrub to get rid of any sort of bacteria and blockages in my pores. Cleaning out the follicles prevents the hair loss and allows your hair to grow. Highly recommend!

Stephanie S.

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